"OPITCO helps your school to be an effective learning community."

The Finnish education system is not primarily motivated through financial interests but is rather based on a holistic educational approach that we believe benefits both our children and our nation In Finnish schools, equality is an central value and that’s why we are committed to find suitable support for all pupils, especially for those who have special needs.



iFnland has got good marks in the international educational tests (like PISA). Our country has also rewarded almost in every aspect of life where has been international comparison. Finns are shining in many things, but marketing isn’t our strength. Slowly Finnish schools and companies have started to share our best ideas and practices internationally. If you are interested in Finnish educational innovations and products, Education Finland -portal is a good place to start.

Cultures are different -
the mission to educate is the same"

In OPITCO we know that all the countries are different. It is impossible to take a model that has been created in one cultural context and transfer it directly to the other context. However, we believe that the Finnish tradition regarding educational practices can serve as an excellent baseline in the school development in other countries as well.


We also know that people living in different cultures have much to learn from each other. We are happy to provide our expertise to our colleagues in other countries and also interested to hear and see, what we could learn from you. 

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