OPITCO is a private company that provides educational services. Deep theoretical knowledge about education and practical experience gained in the Finnish school system are strengths of our company.  We know what are the elements of a good learning process and an effective learning community. Our  expertise are also in long experience of cross-cultural communication and especially in understanding of Middle Eastern world views and cultural contexts.


Effective Learning Process

We believe that school should never be an isolated island, but it has to be actively interacting with the surrounding society. That’s why we want to help governmental agencies, scientifical institutions and private NGOs to transfer their message to an effective, curriculum compatible and culturally appropriate learning process that can be applied in schools. (READ MORE)

  • an experimental – constructivist approach
  • phenomenon-based – the importance of transversal skills
  • learning community – individual learning paths
  • versatile assessment
Cross Cultural Educational Consulting and Training

What makes the Finnish education system special and could the Finnish education model work in other cultural contexts? We can answer these questions and are willing to share these answers to help you reach the best possible educational solutions in your country. (READ MORE)

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